Corporate responsibility is the cornerstone of the company’s development, designating all our actions.

The reputation of our company is for us a valuable asset, in which we constantly invest, and all our people without exception, take care for and protect.

As a responsible company, we operate always in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations, codes of conduct, the principles and procedures governing both the promotion of prescription drugs to healthcare professionals (such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc. .), and the information addressed to the public about general health topics.

All our employees are actively engaged showcasing every day their absolute respect for patients, healthcare professionals, organizations and other authorities relating to the actions of our company, while constantly keeping open the channels of communication.

In this context, any printed materials we issue and all of our activities is subject to review and approval always in accordance with current legislation.


The company has established a set of principles and rules, otherwise referred to as the “Code of Conduct” covering the full range of its operating activities. Based on accountability and transparency, on the values of integrity, reliability and courage, it implements the necessary commitments to ensure accountability to the society and the person/patient in general.

The company’s main objective is:

  • The satisfaction of the needs of the patient, the healthcare providers and the customers.
  • The respect of the person, believing that the company’s success is based on team spirit, with a high sense of responsibility. The diligent safeguarding of personal information of both staff and customers.
  • The focus on effectiveness.
  • The commitment to society and the environment, through the daily work.
  • The professional integrity and continuous improvement of business processes to maintain the good reputation of the company.
  • The compliance with the legal/community and regulatory requirements.
  • The quality assurance of its products (medicines, cosmetics and services to be provided), and
  • The effort to prevent cases of non-compliance. The taking of appropriate remedial/preventive measures to eliminate the likelihood of recurrence.