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Our Strength: In unity we stand strong!

Our strength over time is reflected in the joining forces of the companies of our Group, MEDHEL, BALU and KYLIFAR.

MEDHEL Company offers manufacturing services for Health & Beauty products. The organization of super modern factory in an area of 7,500 square meters, the automation of the production process with the most modern methods in conjunction with the specialized expertise of the company’s scientists has resulted in the production of high quality standards products and the providing of integrated solutions.

BALU company maintains a significant production portfolio of own cosmetics and a strong position in the area of selective distribution cosmetics with more than 12 powerful world-renowned brand names of multinational companies. Marketing & Sales departments of the company were staffed by experienced market professionals, who daily work with more than 10,000 doctors of various specialties and more than 1,500 pharmacies all over Greece.

KYLIFAR Company was founded in 1960 by Christos V. KYLIKAS and is mainly engaged in the research, innovation, etc.

Business Development

We gained the trust of many international and domestic market companies. Our satisfied customers worldwide are the best advertisement about us.

The centennial tradition of our company, the specialized expertise, the superior quality of our products, the modern strategic marketing techniques that we apply and the strength of our sales have been recognized by many companies worldwide, including known multinational companies, resulting in the formation of stable partnerships.

We have already achieved and continue to create business opportunities with reliable partners, who wish to join us, in order to either market their own products in Greece, or to sell our products in their own territory.

We address an open invitation to all those interested in cooperation with the companies of our group, including but not limited to, for actions regarding:

– Co-marketing & co-promotion
– Marketing & Sales
– Co-development
– Marketing & Distribution (locally and internationally)

For 100 years we serve the Greek medicine